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822 Patterson Office Tower
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212 Chemistry Physics
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Research Assistant, Organic Teaching Assistant
Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Toxicology
150B Chemistry - Physics Building
(859) 323-0309
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
1706 Patterson Office Tower - Cubicle #8
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148A Chemistry-Physics Building
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Research Assistant
A061 ASTeCC Bldg, Mass Spec Center
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Graduate Student
1706 Patterson Office Tower
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Chemistry , Graduate Student
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Logistics, Supply Chains, Biotechnology, Transportation, Virtual Geospatial Environments, Geospatial Media and Technologies, climate change, Critical Cartography and GIS, Social Theory
818 Patterson Office Tower
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Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University
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Clinical Psychology Graduate Student; Advisor: Rich Milich, Ph.D., CDART Research Assistant
207B Kastle Hall
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Catalysis of Lignin Depolymerization and Transformation to Fuels and Chemicals
jaje223's picture
Experimental Psychology Graduate Student (Developmental & Social); Advisor: Dr. Christia Spears Brown
204 Kastle Hall
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Graduate Student
1722 Patterson Office Tower
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2015-2017: T32 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Brown University, 2014-2015: Clinical Psychology Resident, Brown University, 2009-2015: Graduate Student, University of Kentucky (Mentor: Ruth Baer)
Borderline Personality Disorder, Mindfulness, substance abuse, anger, rumination, impulsivity
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Graduate Student
1722 Patterson Office Tower
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239 Chemistry Physics Building
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Graduate Student
Total Synthesis and Synthetic Methodology
112 Center of Applied Energy Research (CAER)
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Graduate Student
1702 Patterson Office Tower
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186-A Chemistry Physics
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Graduate Student
1302 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-7001
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1318 Patterson Office Tower
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Rm 311 Thomas Hunt Morgan
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Graduate Student
U.S. International History, U.S. Cold War foreign policy, Transitional governments; Latin America; post-colonialism
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Behavioral Neuroscience & Psychopharmacology, Advisor: Dr. Chana K. Akins
Sex Differences in Cocaine Sensitization
012G - Kastle Hall
kma268's picture
General Chemistry TA
ASTeCC 048
KRLY222's picture
Social Psychology Doctoral Candidate; Adivisor: Dr. Jonathan Golding, Center on Drugs and Alcohol Research Graduate Research Assistant; Advisor: Dr. TK Logan, Center for Research on Violence Against Women Graduate Research Fellow
111B Kastle Hall
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Assistant Professor, Geography & Environmental Planning, Towson University
geographies of care, ageing and the life course, feminist geographies, feminist ethics of care, livelihoods, well-being, Sub-Saharan Africa, families and personal relationships, development
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PhD Candidate, MCDB Program, Dept. of Biology
215 T H Morgan Building
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Interdisciplinary Program in Education Sciences
338 Dickey Hall
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Teaching Assistant
1222 Patterson Office Tower


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