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Late 19th Century US, Rural and Agricultural History, Social Movements, Race, Labor and Working Class
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Assistant Professor of Economic Geography, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo
Affect, Entrepreneurialism, Venture Capital, Work, sexuality, Economic Geography, Space, cultural geography, digital media, gender, Financial Capitalism, Desire, Deleuze
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CP 239
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Graduate Student
1722 Patterson Office Tower
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CP 49, (859)-218-2756
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Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Religion, Social and Political Philosophy, Existentialism
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Class of 2016, now an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University
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Graduate Student
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822 Patterson Office Tower
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212 Chemistry Physics
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Political Geography, policing, Criminalization, (dis)order, Affect, race and racialization, Black geographies, Social Theory, necropolitics, masculinities
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Graduate Student
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Research Assistant, Organic Teaching Assistant
Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Toxicology
150B Chemistry - Physics Building
(859) 323-0309
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Graduate Student
Sociophonetics, Dialectology, Computer-mediated Communication, Sociolinguistics, Speech Perception
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Graduate Student
1706 Patterson Office Tower - Cubicle #8
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Graduate Student
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148A Chemistry-Physics Building
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Research Assistant
A061 ASTeCC Bldg, Mass Spec Center
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Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant, Gen Chem lab I & II
CP 204, 205, 212, 214,
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Graduate Student
1706 Patterson Office Tower
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Logistics, Supply Chains, Biotechnology, Transportation, Virtual Geospatial Environments, Geospatial Media and Technologies, climate change, Critical Cartography and GIS, Social Theory
818 Patterson Office Tower
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Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University, Forensic Cognitive and Human Factors Consultant
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Experimental Psychology Graduate Student (Developmental & Social); Advisor: Dr. Christia Spears Brown
204 Kastle Hall
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Graduate Student
1722 Patterson Office Tower
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2015-2017: T32 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Brown University, 2014-2015: Clinical Psychology Resident, Brown University, 2009-2015: Graduate Student, University of Kentucky (Mentor: Ruth Baer)
Borderline Personality Disorder, Mindfulness, substance abuse, anger, rumination, impulsivity
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1318 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
1722 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
Chemical Biology, Inorganic Chemistry
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Graduate Student
Total Synthesis and Synthetic Methodology
112 Center of Applied Energy Research (CAER)


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