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[Anonymous].  2019.  Causes and Consequences of Phenotypic Plasticity in Complex Environments.. Trends in ecology & evolution. 34(6):555-568.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Disentangling the Correlated Evolution of Monogamy and Cooperation.. Trends in ecology & evolution. 31(7):503-513.
[Anonymous].  2016.  Solutions for Archiving Data in Long-Term Studies: A Reply to Whitlock et al.. Trends in ecology & evolution. 31(2):85-87.
[Anonymous].  2015.  Archiving Primary Data: Solutions for Long-Term Studies.. Trends in ecology & evolution. 30(10):581-589.
[Anonymous].  2015.  The biology hidden inside residual within-individual phenotypic variation.. Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. 90(3):729-43.
[Anonymous].  2015.  Genetic diversity does not explain variation in extra-pair paternity in multiple populations of a songbird.. Journal of evolutionary biology. 28(5):1156-69.
[Anonymous].  2014.  Multiple aspects of plasticity in clutch size vary among populations of a globally distributed songbird.. The Journal of animal ecology. 83(4):876-87.
Cassone VM, Westneat DF.  2012.  The bird of time: cognition and the avian biological clock.. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience. 5:32.
[Anonymous].  2012.  Evolution in response to social selection: the importance of interactive effects of traits on fitness.. Evolution; international journal of organic evolution. 66(3):890-895.
[Anonymous].  2012.  Heterozygosity predicts clutch and egg size but not plasticity in a house sparrow population with no evidence of inbreeding.. Molecular ecology. 21(2):406-20.
[Anonymous].  2011.  Broad-scale latitudinal patterns of genetic diversity among native European and introduced house sparrow (Passer domesticus) populations.. Molecular ecology. 20(6):1133-43.
[Anonymous].  2011.  Inclusive fitness theory and eusociality.. Nature. 471(7339):E1-4;authorreplyE9-10.
[Anonymous].  2011.  Individual variation in parental care reaction norms: integration of personality and plasticity.. The American naturalist. 178(5):652-67.
[Anonymous].  2009.  Complex interactions among temporal variables affect the plasticity of clutch size in a multi-brooded bird.. Ecology. 90(5):1162-74.
[Anonymous].  2009.  Heterozygosity and extra-pair paternity: biased tests result from the use of shared markers.. Molecular ecology. 18(9):2010-21.
[Anonymous].  2009.  Sexual conflict as a partitioning of selection.. Biology letters. 5(5):675-7.
[Anonymous].  2009.  Sperm competition selects beyond relative testes size in birds.. Evolution; international journal of organic evolution. 63(2):391-402.
[Anonymous].  2004.  Correlates of cell-mediated immunity in nestling house sparrows.. Oecologia. 141(1):17-23.
[Anonymous].  2000.  Alternative mechanisms of nonindependent mate choice.. Animal behaviour. 59(3):467-476.
[Anonymous].  1996.  Reproductive physiology and sperm competition in birds.. Trends in ecology & evolution. 11(5):191-2.
[Anonymous].  1996.  Sex and parenting: the effects of sexual conflict and parentage on parental strategies.. Trends in ecology & evolution. 11(2):87-91.
[Anonymous].  1995.  MEASURING THE EFFECTS OF PAIRING SUCCESS, EXTRA-PAIR COPULATIONS AND MATE QUALITY ON THE OPPORTUNITY FOR SEXUAL SELECTION.. Evolution; international journal of organic evolution. 49(6):1147-1157.


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