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wscohen's picture
Associate Professor
Biology Education, Plant Physiology
behaley's picture
Professor of Chemistry
brauchfugate's picture
Professor Emeritus
715 Patterson Office Tower
cpbrock's picture
Professor Emerita of Chemistry
Systematics of packing in molecular crystals, Space-group frequencies, Pseudosymmetric and high-Z' structures, Sequences of phase transitions
148C Chemistry-Physics Building
carleberhart's picture
Professor Emeritus
715 Patterson Office Tower
DavidCopelandJohnson's picture
Professor Emeritus
Topology and geometry
davea's picture
Professor Emeritus
analysis and partial differential equations
dlcrooks's picture
Associate Professor
doncoleman's picture
Professor Emeritus
pol146's picture
1655 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-9256
dwilkin's picture
Emeritus Professor
Critical Race Theory, sociology of health and illness, class and gender, social change and social movements, occupations and professions
112 Breckinridge Hall
billing's picture
Emeritus Professor of Sociology
Social inequality, Appalachian and regional studies, Sociological Theory, Sociology of Religion, Rural Poverty
1577 Patterson Office Tower
enochs's picture
Professor Emeritus
Algebra and Number Theory, coGalois theory of torsion free covers
715 Patterson Office Tower
furloug's picture
Associate Professor, Emeritus
Modern France and Europe; tourism; consumer cultures
1739 Patterson Office Tower
gjanecek's picture
Professor Emeritus, Russian and Eastern Studies
Russian avant-garde poetry of 20th c. Moscow Conceptualism
1055 Patterson Office Tower
henry's picture
Professor Emeritus
705 Patterson Office Tower
hmartin's picture
Professor Emeritus, Classics
Greek Literature, Plutarch
jeorei0's picture
Associate Professor of Chemistry
jcbeid2's picture
Professor Emeritus
Algebra and Number Theory, group theory
715 Patterson Office Tower
jghoug2's picture
Professor of Sociology
Sociology of Organizations, Industry in Community Context, Education and Society, Evaluation Research
1565 Patterson Office Tower
jameswells's picture
Professor Emeritus
715 Patterson Office Tower
claphil's picture
Professor, Classics
Greek and Latin literature, Erasmus' biblical paraphrases
1055 Patterson Office Tower
jblack's picture
Professor Emerita
women's literature, fairy tales, cultural history
Jweil's picture
Emeritus Professor
buddy's picture
Emeritus Faculty, Former Director of GWS
jmelish's picture
Associate Professor,
19th century US history; African-American history; cultural history
1727 Patterson Office Tower
jrawls's picture
Professor Emeritus
jchris's picture
Emeritus Professor
jemack's picture
Professor Emeritus
jeric1's picture
Professor - Emeritus, French and Francophone Studies
1025 Patterson Office Tower
connolly's picture
Emeritus Professor
theoretical physics
jpseab01's picture
Sr. Academic Coordinator
gegraitz's picture
Provost's Distinguished Service Professor
Cultural-historical geography, American landscapes, Infrastructure, especially transportation, and its relationship to economic, social, and legal processes and engineering technologies
865 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6948
kkiernan's picture
Professor Emeritus
geokoh's picture
Emeritus faculty
geokoh, geokoh
lswift's picture
Professor of Classics, emeritus, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, emeritus
Early Christian Studies, Augustine, War and Peace in Early Christianity, Religion in America
marcus's picture
Emeritus Professor
Nuclear Physics
kennedy's picture
Associate Professor Emeritus
Probability-based spatial data storage techniques, geographic information systems (GIS), global navigation satellite systems (e.g., GPS), GIS history
412 Bradley Hall
mjones's picture
Professor Emeritus
pbonner's picture
Professor Emeritus
Axon growth and branching during development and regeneration


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