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Graduate Student
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Blazer Dining, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., BL325
NRCR229's picture
1415 Patterson Office Tower
nan236's picture
Graduate Student
nro227's picture
Graduate Student
ndsp224's picture
Graduate Student
906 Patterson Office Tower
nka272's picture
Linguistics Teaching Assistant
Syntax, Speech Perception, Code Switching, Phonology, Syntax-Phonetics Interface, Multilingualism
1622 Patterson Office Tower
okl223's picture
PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
Design, Visualizations, Modeling, Critical GIS & Cartography, Digital Geography, History of Science and Technology, Continental Philosophy, Transportation geography
818 Patterson Office Tower
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OAOL230's picture
omal223's picture
obom222's picture
PhD Candidate, Biology
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, Mammalian circadian rhythms and metabolism
315 Thomas Hunt Morgan
oaob225's picture
Biological Chemistry
Biological Chemistry
oaab222's picture
PhD. in Geography/Teaching Assistant
Home, Place and Placelessness, Sacred Landscepe, Palestine, Belonging, Nation States, Storytelling
822 Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours: Mondays 3-5pm
omir222's picture
German, Graduate Teaching Assistant
1006 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6756
onor223's picture
Biological Chemistry, Drug discovery
plo232's picture
Classics - Greek/Latin
1002 Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours: Tuesday 9 AM - 10 AM and Friday 9 AM - 10 AM, both via Zoom. Also by appointment.
(859) 257-1336
pba264's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
Animal regeneration, Stem cell biology, Developmental Biology
202 TH Morgan Building, 675 Rose St, Lexington, KY 40508
pal242's picture
Graduate Student
Condensed Matter Physics
CP156, Chemistry-Physics Building, 505 Rose St
pcgi222's picture
Teaching Assistant in Classics
1006 Patterson Office Tower
pzco222's picture
Anthropology Ph.D Student
Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Disasters, Community Engagement, Environmental Anthropology, anthropology of youth, Black Ecologies, Black geographies, feminist political ecology, rural livelihoods, Identity and Intersectionality
PMA235's picture
Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), Currently Lecturer at the University of North Georgia
19th-20th C Peninsular Literature, Philosophy, Gender Studies & Queer Theory, fantastic literature, Folklore, Experiential Learning
POT 1102
pkgo222's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
ADHD, Comorbidity, Internalizing Disorders
Kastle Hall 111-G
PATU227's picture
1415 Patterson Office Tower
(502) 420-8571
PRU233's picture
20th and 21st Century Latin American literature, Poetry written by women, Women and Gender Studies, Critical Social Theory, Colonialism
1106 Patterson Office Tower
PMAL224's picture
PhD Student, Graduate Instructor
African Brazilian Literature, Black Brazilian Literature, Black Literature from the African diaspora, Black Feminism, Creative Writing, Afrofuturism, Science Fiction, Afro Latino Studies
1222 Patterson Office Tower
ply223's picture
Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
Economic Inequality, Healthcare Policy, Supreme Court Ideology
1605 Patterson Office Tower
psba225's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Child Psychology, Externalizing Disorders, Conduct Problems, Callous-Unemotional Traits
pwo234's picture
Scholar Activism, Critical Equestrian Geographies, Digital geographies, Public Finance, Urban Studies, maps, Printmaking, Film, Landscape, Political Ecology
PPA259's picture
Graduate Student
859 913 6196
PDTH225's picture
Chemistry Materials, Biological Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
prsu222's picture
Graduate student
pka236's picture
Analytical Chemistry, Mass spectrometry, Biomass and Lignin Chemistry
A061 AsTecc Building
pcad222's picture
Graduate Student
PSH230's picture
Graduate Student, Prof. Doo Young Kim's Lab
Single atom catalysis, electrolysis, Photocatalysis, energy storage and conversion
pka246's picture
Chemistry-Physics, Room 41, Chemistry-Physics, Room 2
pch254's picture
Graduate Student, Physics and Astronomy
X-ray and High-Energy Astrophysics, Atomic Physics, Computational Physics, Spectroscopic Simulations
CP 267
qyi224's picture
+86 13134300296
qch233's picture
Graduate Student
Blazer Dining, 343 Martin Luther King Blvd., BL352
reda229's picture
Sociology, PhD Student
Gender and Sexuality, Social Media, Sexual Labor, Gendered Violence, Criminology
1541 Patterson Office Tower
rmba243's picture
Sociology PhD Student
Sociological Social Psychology, Criminology, Violence Against Women
1518 Patterson Office Tower


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