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Graduate Student
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MA Student
housing, political ecology of health, Science and Technology Studies, Queer Geographies, Social Movements, social reproduction
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(719) 313-8529
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Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) & Spanish Instructor
20th & 21st Peninsular Literature, Gender & Women's Studies, Literature and Film Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, ecofeminism
1106 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
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subaltern studies, Hybridity and Mestizo Studies, Border Studies;, borderland cultures, Latin American Cinema
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PhD Student in the Department of Geography, Research Assistant at the Center for Equality & Social Justice
Black geographies, Haitian Geographies, Feminist Geopolitics, Temporalities, Chronopolitics, Queer Theory
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Structural Geology, Tectonics, Computational Geomechanics and Geodynamics
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Graduate Student , Clinical, Developmental, Social, & Health
Psychoneuroimmunology, psychological well-being in the context of chronic pain, autoimmune diseases and psychological functioning
Kastle Hall 111B
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Geophysics, Earthquake Seismology, Seismotectonics, Geochronology
247D Mining and Mineral Resources Building, 305 Slone Research Building
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Graduate Student
Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry
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Honey Bee foraging behavior on Short's Goldenrod, Monarch butterfly habitat restoration and Citizen Science
114 MRD#3
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transdiagnostic change mechanisms, psychotherapy outcomes, Personality
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Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)
1118 Patterson Office Tower
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Ph.D. Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
epistemology, Phenomenology, History of Modern Philosophy
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
CP 267
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Graduate Student
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Analytical Chemistry, Neuroscience, Biophysical Chemistry
CP 212
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tectonics, petrology, geochemistry
305B Slone Research Building
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Graduate Student
702 Patterson Office Tower
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Teaching Assistant in German Studies
1006 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6756
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Ancient Philosophy, Phenomenology, and Existentialism
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
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Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
1618 Patterson Office Tower
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Linguistics Teaching Assistant
1622 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Student- University of Kentucky, M.A. – Ohio University- Geography - 2021, B.A. – University of The Gambia- Development Studies/ Management – 2015
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Anthropology Ph.D. Student
Ancient Maya archaeology, gender, craft production, Ceramics, Sexual division of labor, dermatoglyphs
Lafferty Hall 102G
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Graduate Student
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Teaching Assistant
19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy;, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, History of Philosophy, Phenomenology, Critical Theory
POT 1406
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PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
1706 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Carbon capture
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Thesis Master's Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
Touch Reception, Neurobiology, Developmental Biology
311A T. H. Morgan Building
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Clinical Psychology
cancer survivorship, tobacco use, health disparities
005 Kastle Hall
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Office of the President Research Assistant, Master's Student in Geography
101 Main Building, 818 Patterson Office Tower
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M.S. in Digital Mapping
Alaska Permanent Fund, The Welfare State, health policy
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PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
106 MDR3