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gwa222's picture
Research Assistant, Graduate Student
gdma227's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant
309 Slone Building
HNA235's picture
Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
CP 245, Chemistry Physics Building
hesc225's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
ecofeminism, Ecocriticism, Postcolonial feminisms, Shakespeare
HBPR222's picture
religiosity, first-year university students, Social models of substance use
hrga232's picture
MA Candidate, Graduate Instructor
African American Literature, (Post)colonialism, Queer Literature, Women's Literature and Gender Studies, 19th and 20th century American literature
haha245's picture
Graduate Student
CP 252
hkhe226's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
Dessication and dehydration tolerance of Bryophytes, Plant Physiology
hzh222's picture
Graduate Student
hrat222's picture
hri229's picture
MA Student, Teaching Assistant
Tourism, development, Environment
822 Patterson Office Tower
hkr224's picture
Ph.D. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
Comparative Politics, Women's Political Representation, Latin American Politics, Violence Against Women, Political behavior
1618 Patterson Tower
HPR225's picture
hljo238's picture
106 Slone Research Building
hcal224's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Alcohol-induced impairment, substance abuse, Etiology of drug and alcohol abuse
111H Kastle Hall
hya225's picture
Graduate Student
hal295's picture
Graduate Student
hde222's picture
Political Ecology Research Cluster, PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Critical Resource Geography, Petroleum
c. 859-433-1747
hrle225's picture
Graduate Student
algebraic coding theory, Subspace Codes
802 Patterson Office Tower
itsp222's picture
PhD Geography, Research Assistant
Digital geographies, On-demand economic practice, Authenticity, Cultural Landscapes, Tourism, Gentrification, urban geography, feminist political economy
818 Patterson Office Tower
fim222's picture
Graduate Student
igo235's picture
Anthropology MA Student
IHHA222's picture
Graduate Student
802 Patterson Office Tower
IKOJ222's picture
Biochemistry, Mutidrug Resistance in Bacteria, Biochemical Toxicology, Dynamics of Bacteria Membrane Efflux Pump, Bacteria Membrane Protein Degradation
Chemistry-Physics Building Lexington, KY 40506-0055
iamart3's picture
ifmo222's picture
MA Student, Teaching Assistant
Trans Geographies, Queer Geographies, Queer Theory, Social Theory, Visceral Geographies, Geographies of Privilege
jtwo228's picture
19th Century U.S., 19th Century U.S. South, Jacksonian America, 19th century US history; political history; political cartoons
jsa324's picture
PhD Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Digital geographies, Geospatial Media and Technologies, New Media, Science and Technology Studies, Social Theory
1422 Patterson Office Tower
jlhe227's picture
Graduate Student
(859) 494-5941
jpho228's picture
MFA Candidate
jmcl232's picture
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Candidate
telemedicine, Telemental Health, mental health, help-seeking, psychotherapy outcomes, mental health in Appalachia, ,organisms
JLE336's picture
feminist geography, Psychoanalysis, Critical Social Theory, Korean comfort women, Feminist Geopolitics, trauma, Affect/emotion
822 Patterson Office Tower
JLMC288's picture
jafe232's picture
PhD Candidate, English; Instructor, Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies
nineteenth-century American literature, naturalism, science and time studies, Cognitive Literary Studies, posthumanism
1302 POT
jajohn0's picture
Academic Coordinator/Data Analyst
231 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-3763
JFMC230's picture
Graduate Student
702 Patterson Office Tower
jgke225's picture
Anthropology Ph.D. Student
jdsh225's picture
PhD Candidate, Biology
109 MDR3
jdst288's picture
MA Candidate
19th Century American Literature, 20th Century American Literature, Midwestern Literature, class, Place and Space
JRWA266's picture
Graduate Student
906 Patterson Office Tower


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