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saja230's picture
MFA Candidate
1206 Patterson Office Tower
SKA379's picture
stbr231's picture
SSA288's picture
Organic Chemistry Lab TA
organic synthesis, Biosynthesis
325 Chemistry-Physics Building
sda282's picture
PHD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
Developmental Cell Biology, Cell signaling, Bioinformatics
301 T.H. Morgan Bldg.
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smda250's picture
309 Slone Research Building
sonu222's picture
Graduate Student
shuns2's picture
Graduate Student
1106 Patterson Office Tower
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sjpe228's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
sjki233's picture
Environmental & Sustainability Studies
sdga230's picture
MA Candidate
20th & 21st Century African and Southeast Asian Literatures, Global South Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Women’s Writing, Global Cold War Studies, Environmental Humanities, The Novel, The Bildungsroman, Literature and Philosophy, Existentialism
sjta224's picture
SMKR235's picture
Graduate Student
Bioanalytical Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Drug discovery
Chem-Phys Rm210
sasa254's picture
Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
American Politics, Judicial Politics, Supreme Court Ideology
1606 Patterson Office Tower
sfe246's picture
1122 Patterson Office Tower
SJA294's picture
Graduate Student
706 Patterson Office Tower
sth230's picture
Graduate Student
skr231's picture
SNA253's picture
1106 Patterson Office Tower
ssa323's picture
PhD candidate, Graduate Teaching assistant, Biology
Animal regeneration, Cell biology, cellular senescence
211 THM building, 675 Rose street
sjwh234's picture
Geomorphology, Coastal Geology, Radiochemistry, Geochemistry
SOF223's picture
Graduate Student
she237's picture
Graduate Student
806 Patterson Office Tower
sjaf222's picture
MA Candidate
20th- and 21st-century American Literature and Culture, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Postmodernism, Film Studies, Marxism and Neoliberalism, Affect Theory, Critical Theory
sdo244's picture
Graduate Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Analysis, Nonlinear PDEs, Inverse Scattering Method
906 Patterson Office Tower
sgma235's picture
GSC Experimental Psychology Program Representative, Graduate Research Assistant (Bardo Lab)
Preclinical models of substance use disorders, Peptide hormone regulation, Social substance use and relapse, Escalation of opioid intake, Reinstatement of opioid seeking, Neuronal calcium imaging, Data Science
Research Office: BBSRB B448C, Student Office: Kastle Hall 111i
sgbe225's picture
Anthropology USP Student
SNSY222's picture
MFA Candidate
SGU269's picture
sgy224's picture
sho334's picture
Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, Graduate student
Perovskite Solar cells, Ligand binding efffect on the energetics and optical properties of perovskites, Photoelectron spectroscopy, Materials
rgo230's picture
PhD Student
Tectonics, Structural Geology, Low-temperature thermochronology
rjro233's picture
Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant
mathematics education, analysis and partial differential equations
902 Patterson Office Tower
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REMC235's picture
RCH267's picture
Gender and Women's Studies, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Contemporary China, body politics, social stratification, Transnational Reproductive Justice, The Hierarchy of Masculinities, Alternative Kin-Making, Gendered Violence
111 Breckinridge Hall
rpwh224's picture
Ph.D. Student
19th Century U.S., the Civil War Era, the U.S. South, Social and Cultural History, Gender and Family
1706 Patterson Office Tower
rcro234's picture
Geophysics, Geologist in Training
Site Response Seismology, Earthquake Seismology
305A Slone, 247C MMRB


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