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mpfr222's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Post-45 American Literature, Women's Literature and Gender Studies, 20th and 21st Century American Literature, African American Literature
POT 1206
mero261's picture
Anthropology MA Student
bioarchaeology, human osteology
120H Lafferty Hall
maro323's picture
Graduate Student
msde234's picture
Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
MGO239's picture
Ph.D. Candidate, International Relations
International Relations, International Security, Authoritarian Regimes and International Crises, Regime Transitions
melli5's picture
Graduate Student
1102 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1565
mlo251's picture
Environmental conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Sustainability and Environmental Change, Marine Protected Areas, Marine Sciences
mndu228's picture
lsro226's picture
Anthropology of the State, nationalisms, transnationalism, migration, identity, Politics, Kurdish Studies, Turkey, Anthropology of North America
LEL239's picture
1415 Patterson Office Tower
ldbu226's picture
PhD Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
laso224's picture
laja224's picture
MFA Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Creative Nonfiction
1218 Patterson Office Tower
lmor223's picture
Anthropology Ph.D. Student, Graduate Student Instructor: ANT 103 (Summer 2021)
ljda226's picture
Graduate Student
806 Patterson Office Tower
LJHE233's picture
Graduate Student, French and Francophone Studies, Teaching Assistant
1006 Patterson Office Tower
lefu222's picture
MA Student Geography, Teaching Assistant
Critical Cartography and GIS, Political Ecology, Data Transparency, Latin America, Feminist and Economic Geographies
lsmi224's picture
MA Candidate
Gender and Women's Studies, Film, Bibliotherapy, 20th & 21st Century American Culture and Literature
lobo222's picture
19th and 20th century American history, Environmental History, gender and race, Progressive Era, Rural and Agricultural History
1706 Patterson Office Tower
lba286's picture
PhD Candidate
queer studies, gender, Literature and Film Studies, Critical Race Theory, contemporary literature
lpma224's picture
Ph. D. Candidate (ABD), Spanish Instructor
Sociolinguistics, Style and Sociolinguistic Variation, Multimodal Discourse, Telenovelas, Linguistic Attitudes, Latinx Studies, 19th-21st century Latin American Latinx and US culture, Narcoseries, Critical Discourse Analysis, Conceptual Metaphor Theory
1102 Patterson Office Tower
lmwa234's picture
Teaching Assistant
Social and Political Philosophy, Social Epistemology, Philosophy of Education
1402 Patterson Office Tower
ljsc233's picture
Graduate Student
LTDO224's picture
Graduate Student
702 Patterson Office Tower
Levent Akinci's picture
lga268's picture
Graduate Student, Biology
THM 211
ldlu225's picture
PhD Student , Graduate Teaching Assistant
Paleoclimate, Stratigraphy, paleolimnology
106 Slone Research Building
lcne222's picture
305A Slone Research Building
ldro246's picture
lkva222's picture
PhD Candidate- Higher Education and Policy Studies , Graduate Teaching Assistant- Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
lgu229's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Biology
TH Morgan 334
lbhe227's picture
lare229's picture
Teaching Assistant in French and Francophone Studies
1006 Patterson Office Tower
lkdi224's picture
lnsm223's picture
HDI Coldstream Office
(859) 218-5959
leke223's picture
Graduate Student, Research Assistant
Nuclear Physics (Experiment)
lakr227's picture
PHD Candidate, MD/PhD Program, Biology
215 Thomas Hunt Morgan
lbgr226's picture
Anthropology MA Student
Lzgu222's picture
Graduate Student, Advisor : Dr. Bruce O'Hara
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, Alzheimer's Disease Reserach
Rm 334, TH Morgan Building
lga245's picture
Graduate Student
718 Patterson Office Tower


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