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PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
18th and 19th Century British Literature and Culture, Jane Austen, Cognitive Literary Studies, Cognitive Cultural Studies, Narrative Theory, Historical Fashion, Literary Neuroscience
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PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
Rm. No. 1218 Patterson Office Tower
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graduate student
Bioanalytical Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry of Cancer
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Teaching Assistant in Classics
1022 Patterson Office Tower
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Anthropology Ph.D. Student
Environmental Health and Justice, Political Ecology, Epidemiology, Public Health and the State, rural health, Climate Health, Water and Health;, medical anthropology, Mountain ecologies
Lafferty Hall 102G
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student, Chemistry Graduate Student President
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Chemistry Materials
CAER 200
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PhD Candidate, Biology
101 Thomas Hunt Morgan
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1006 Patterson Office Tower
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Data Analyst with Partners for Education at Berea College, Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation - In Progress
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Graduate Student, Analytical Chemistry, Guzman Research Group, NRT FElloWS
CP 150B
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Graduate Student
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CP 36
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Graduate Student
discrete mathematics, pipe dream complexes, Schubert polynomials
722 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
CP 252
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MA Student , Teaching Assistant
Political Ecology, Environmental History, historical geography, political economy, Race & Environment, Landscape Studies, racial capitalism
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Sociology PhD Student
Sociological Social Psychology, Criminology, Violence Against Women
1518 Patterson Office Tower
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Sociology, PhD Candidate
Gender and Sexuality, Social Media, Sexual Labor, Gendered Violence, Criminology
1541 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Candidate, Assistant to the Writing Program Administrator, Graduate Instructor
African African American and Caribbean Literature and Culture, 20th and 21st Century American Southern Literature, Modernism, ecocriticisim and sustainability studies, critical pedagogy
1302 Patterson Office Tower
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Critical Social Theory, Digital geographies, GeoHumanities, geohealth, race and racism, Appalachia
Rm 330, Mining & Minerals Resource Building
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389 Chem-Phys
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PhD Candidate
Catalysis, Chemistry Materials, Surface Science, Imaging, spectroscopy
Chemistry-Physics, Room 41
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PhD Candidate Biology
Cancer Biology, Regeneration Biology, Cell signaling
202 T.H. Morgan
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Graduate Student, Prof. Doo Young Kim's Lab
Single atom catalysis, Photocatalysis, Electrochemistry, electrochemical energy storage
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Graduate Student
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Analytical Chemistry, Mass spectrometry, Biomass and Lignin Chemistry
A061 AsTecc Building
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Graduate student
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Chemistry Materials, Biological Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
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Graduate Student
859 913 6196
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Scholar Activism, Critical Equestrian Geographies, Digital geographies, Public Finance, Urban Studies, maps, Printmaking, Film, Landscape, Political Ecology, Historic Preservation, housing
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Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Child Psychology, Externalizing Disorders, Conduct Problems, Callous-Unemotional Traits
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20th and 21st Century Latin American literature, Poetry written by women, Women and Gender Studies, Critical Social Theory, Colonialism
1106 Patterson Office Tower
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1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
(502) 420-8571
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Linguistics Teaching Assistant
Phonetics & Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics, Historical Linguistics
1622 Patterson Office Tower