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Anthropology Ph.D. Student, Graduate Student Instructor: ANT 103 (Summer 2021)
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Graduate Student
806 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student, French and Francophone Studies, Teaching Assistant
1006 Patterson Office Tower
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MA Student Geography, Teaching Assistant
Critical Cartography and GIS, Political Ecology, Data Transparency, Latin America, Feminist and Economic Geographies
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MA Candidate
Gender and Women's Studies, Film, Bibliotherapy, 20th & 21st Century American Culture and Literature
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19th and 20th century American history, Environmental History, gender and race, Progressive Era, Rural and Agricultural History
1706 Patterson Office Tower
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PhD Candidate
queer studies, gender, Literature and Film Studies, Critical Race Theory, contemporary literature
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Ph. D. Candidate (ABD), Spanish Instructor
Sociolinguistics, Multimodal Discourse, Religion and Political Discourse, Demagoguery and Populism, Political Rhetoric
1102 Patterson Office Tower
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Teaching Assistant
Social and Political Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, Foucault
1402 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
702 Patterson Office Tower
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(859) 576-7510
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Graduate Student, Biology
THM 211
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PhD Student , Graduate Teaching Assistant
Paleoclimate, Stratigraphy, paleolimnology
106 Slone Research Building
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305A Slone Research Building
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PhD Candidate- Higher Education and Policy Studies , Graduate Teaching Assistant- Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
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Graduate Student, Research Assistant
Nuclear Physics (Experiment)
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HDI Coldstream Office
(859) 218-5959
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PHD Candidate, MD/PhD Program, Biology
215 Thomas Hunt Morgan
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Graduate Student- Biology, Teaching Assistant
Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Fluid and Energy Homeostasis
211 THM
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Anthropology MA Student
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Graduate Student, Advisor : Dr. Bruce O'Hara
Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, Alzheimer's Disease Reserach
Rm 334, TH Morgan Building
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Graduate Student
718 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
ChemPhy 236
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Graduate Student
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Graduate Student
CP 359
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POT 718
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Graduate Student
Physiological Stress, Family Relationship Dynamics, Adverse Childhood Experiences
124 Kastle Hall
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Graduate Student
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Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
306B Commons Complex
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PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
Ancient Philosophy, Plato, Ethics
1406 Patterson Office Tower
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Graduate Student
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analysis and partial differential equations
POT 722
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GWS PhD Student, WRD Instructor
transgender studies, Discourse Analysis, surveillance studies, asexuality, nonbinary identities, class
email to set up meeting, Office hours: MWF 1-4p
321-754-7267, 3217 KIRCOR, email for personal number if needed
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Graduate Student, Biology
Biogeography, Macroecology, Global Change Ecology
208 Thomas Hunt Morgan
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PhD Candidate, WRD Instructor
Remix Studies, Adaptation Studies, 20th and 21st c Literature, World Literature., Film Studies, Transnational Studies, Postcolonial/Decolonial Studies, Digital Literature, digital poetry
1302 Patterson Office Tower