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kewh225's picture
Area Chair of Whedon Studies, Midwest Popular Culture Association
1522 Patterson Office Tower
kval225's picture
Anthropology Ph.D. Student
Eastern Woodlands, hunter-gatherers, incipient horticulture, environmental archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, anthropogenic landscapes, stable isotope analysis
kmbr267's picture
Graduate Student
706 Patterson Office Tower
kch258's picture
Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant
718 Patterson Office Tower
kskins2's picture
PhD Student and Instructor
environmental geography, municipal water, streams, locality, urban watertesheds, socio-ecological systems, experimental methodologies
818 Patterson Office Tower
kast242's picture
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate, Data Manager Kentucky Archaeological Survey
hunters and gatherers, Archaic, archaeological chemistry, archaeometry, settlement and subsistence, gender, Green River Shell Mound Archaic, Southeastern North America, environmental archaeology, public archaeology
ksjo229's picture
PhD Student
ksa254's picture
Graduate Student
722 Patterson Office Tower
kmza226's picture
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
cultural anthropology, Gender studies, Latin America, Indigenous Peoples, ethnicity, craft production, Ecuador, cottage style economy, identity
KDI227's picture
kco279's picture
Graduate Student
722 Patterson Office Tower
klga237's picture
Graduate Teaching Assistant
1122 Patterson Office Tower
kjloon2's picture
Ph.D. Candidate
Cultural landscapes, Nature-culture relations, Environmental conservation, Heritage preservation, Animal & hybrid geographies, Tourism
jnca223's picture
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
jswo223's picture
Graduate Student
Argonne National Laboratory
jdkr222's picture
Graduate Student
jaba289's picture
Graduate Student
706 Patterson Office Tower
jcst239's picture
Behavioral Neuroscience & Psychopharmacology Graduate Student; Advisor: William W. Stoops, Ph.D.
Behavioral pharmacology, Learning, Drug use, Behavioral economics
jjro228's picture
jsh277's picture
Graduate Student
JFR259's picture
Teaching Assisstant - German
1022 Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours: Monday 10.30-12.30; by appointment
JSA273's picture
822 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6992
jve229's picture
Graduate Student
722 Patterson Office Tower
JAHO267's picture
PhD Student
mde257's picture
Ph.D candidate (ABD)
Romani Studies, Film and Visual Studies, Urban Studies
1122 Patterson Office Tower
jfe234's picture
Graduate Student
Colonial Latin American Literature and Culture, Contemporary Spanish Peninsular Cultural Studies, Urban Studies, History of Education
1106 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1469
JBO254's picture
jro277's picture
General Chemistry Lab TA
Chemistry Materials, chemical education, unobtanium, energy
jrol223's picture
Graduate Student
Personality, psychopathology
111-D Kastle Hall
jdsc224's picture
Graduate Student
jmba286's picture
Teaching Assistant
112 Slone Research Building
jbabne2's picture
Graduate Student
jadi232's picture
Graduate Student
806 Patterson Office Tower
jba349's picture
Graduate Student
859 257-3942
jcu237's picture
Graduate Student
806 Patterson Office Tower
JSLU224's picture
Pioneer Lab Technician
106 Slone Research Building
(859) 218-3548
jli266's picture
Graduate Student
902 Patterson Office Tower
jhev222's picture
Teaching Assistant in German Studies
Lacanian Psychoanalysis, German Philosophy from Kant to Nietzsche
1022 Patterson Office Tower, Office Hours (Monday, 9-10am), (Tuesday 10-11am), and by appointment
JLE273's picture
PhD Candidate, Instructor
Cultural and Urban Geography, Critical Theory, feminist geographies, Geographies of sleep, 24-hour-City, right to the city, Foucault
1422 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6956, 8596845126
jdmoord's picture
102 MDR3


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