Location cuing and response time distributions in visual attention.

TitleLocation cuing and response time distributions in visual attention.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
JournalPerception & psychophysics

The allocation of visual attention was investigated in two experiments. In Experiment 1 (n = 24), a peripheral cue was presented, and in Experiment 2 (n = 24), a central cue was used. In both experiments, cue validity was 90%, and the task was four-choice target identification. Response time distributions were collected for valid trials over five cue-target stimulus onset asynchronies (SOAs), and ex-Gaussian parameters were extracted. In both experiments, only the mean of the Gaussian component decreased as a function of cue-target SOA, which implied a strict time axis translation of the distributions. The results were consistent with sequential sampling models featuring a variable delay in the onset of information uptake.

Short TitlePercept Psychophys
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