Mock juror perception of sexual assault nurse examiner testimony.

TitleMock juror perception of sexual assault nurse examiner testimony.
Publication TypeJournal Article
JournalViolence and victims
Date Published2012

The perception of a sexual assault nurse examiner's (SANE) testimony in a criminal rape trial was investigated. Men and women undergraduates (N = 138) read a fictional criminal trial summary of a rape case in which medical testimony from a SANE or a registered nurse (RN) was presented, or no medical testimony was presented. Results indicated that mock jurors were more likely to render guilty verdicts when a SANE testified than when an RN testified, and this relationship was fully mediated by perceived credibility of the nurse as well as provictim perceptions. Results are discussed in terms of the impact of SANE involvement in legal proceedings.

Short TitleViolence Vict
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