Passport to the World Program enables the college to embark on year-long explorations of the culture and history of a particular region or country. The program engages our community in crucial global conversations through public lectures, cultural events, coursework and travel opportunities. After past programs with South Africa, China, Russia, Mexico, the Middle East and Europe, A&S is shifting its focus to South Asia for the 2016-2017 academic year.


09/01/16 Dinosaurs & Reptile Evolution in the Indian Subcontinent/HIKE @ Thomas Hunt Morgan Room 116
Dr. Jeffrey Wilson
09/08/16 Year of South Asia Kick Off Event Please join us for our Kick Off Event to our Passport to the World - Year of... @ In front of Bowman's Den
09/14/16 Disreputable Cuisine: Street Foods and Unrecognizeable Edibles from South Asia The lecture will be followed by a reception in The 90 from 7:00pm-8:30pm. @ Young Library Auditorium
Dr. Krishnendu Ray
09/26/16 Film Series: Masaan (India, 2015) @ Young Library Room B-108C
10/03/16 "Jamming" Beauty's Color Line: Parodies and Spoofs of Indian Advertising @ Academic Science Building Room 321
Dr. Radhika Parameswaran
10/31/16 Film Series: The Clay Bird (Bangladesh, 2012) @ Young Library Room B-108C
11/21/16 Film Series: Court (India, 2014) @ Young Library Room B-108C


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