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Ruth Beattie

Research Interests:
Instructional Pedagogy

Ph.D. Queens Univ., Belfast, N. Ireland, 1987


Instructional Pedagogy

My current research interests are in the area of instructional pedagogy, in particular, identifying student learning styles, enhancing student learning and developing alternative classroom assessment mechanisms.  This involves the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative teaching strategies with an emphasis on their use in large enrollment, introductory biology classes.  A long term assessment of the role of technology (computer aided presentations, World Wide Web access, interactive software) in improving student learning is being conducted.  In addition, data from a series of attitudinal surveys which have been administered to major and non-major biology students are being analyzed.  These surveys provide baseline data concerning the attitudes of students toward the importance of biology in everyday life and will aid in the development of non-traditional instructional strategies.

Graduate Training

MCB Program