Ashley Barton and Donny Loughry

Earth and Environmental Sciences Graduate Students

Holly Miller's Research Attracts Media Spotlight

<p>The <a target="_blank" href=" department has been receiving a lot of recognition for its latest research from graduate student Holly Miller. She has been providing insight to the brain&rsquo;s use of glucose to perform acts of self-control, by studying dogs in a UK psychology lab.

Ganesh Tripathi

Earth and Environmental Science Graduate Student

Natalie Glover

Natalie Glover bears no material resemblance to Wassily Kandinski. But the 23-year-old psychology graduate student has dealt with the abstract in ways that parallel this Russian abstract painter and art theorist. The most obvious parallel is that Glover is a painter too. And like Kandinski, she realizes the intrinsic value of art in dealing with matters of human nature; of reflecting not only what is aesthetically pleasing, but also what is internally revealing.

Studying Abroad with Ruth Beattie

<p><a target="_blank" href=" Beattie</a>, a professor of Biology, travels with students to Australia to study the diverse ecosystems in different locations around the continent. Students get to&nbsp;swim&nbsp;near the Great Barrier Reef, visiting World Heritage Sites, and also get to experience cosmopolitan culture in Sydney.

State of the College Address: Looking to the Future

<p>&nbsp;<br />

UK Professors Eller and Norman featured in PBS special about Appalachia

<p>&nbsp;<br />

Two A&S Students Awarded National Science Foundation Research Fellowships

<p>I would like to extend my congratulations to Hui Chu and Christine Smith, both graduate students in A&amp;S.&nbsp;&nbsp;Hui is&nbsp;a doctoral candidate in&nbsp;developmental and social <a target="_blank" href=" Christine is working on her master's degree in the <a target="_blank" href="

Ericka Barbour

Gender Woman Studies

Anthropology Graduate Student Studies Sustainability in an Era of High Consumption

Cindy Isenhour is featured currently on the Anthropology Department home page for her work studying the culture of consumption and how it relates to sustainability.  She is interested in issues of social and environmental justice, which has informed her work with the UK Anthropology Department.


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